Has anyone seen this portrait?

In 1986 The Mississippi Department of Archives and History elected General William Barksdale to the Mississippi Hall of Fame.

The hall was originated in 1902 to honor illustrious Mississippians of the past.

In honor of that event, the General William Barksdale Camp, Sons of Confederate Veterans in Columbus, Mississippi, commissioned an oil portrait of General Barksdale which was to be hung in the Hall of Fame in the Old Capitol.

Pictured presenting the portrait are,left to right, Dr. David Payne, then director of the Mississippi University for Women Library and then Commander of the General William Barksdale Camp; then Adjutant Bland Campbell; and Past Commander Chubby Ellis.
Source: Lowndes County Boys at Gettysburg 1995

It has been reported to the Barksdale Camp that this portrait is no longer on display and its whereabouts is unknown.

A fellow Compatriot and amateur historian has brought it to our attention that he contacted the Curator at the Hall of Fame as to the whereabouts of this portrait and was told that the Hall of Fame has no such portrait and that it was likely either on display elsewhere or is now in a private collection. Needless to say, he was shocked.

Additionally he expressed concern that it was bad enough that General Barksdale, being such a distinguished servant of Mississippi; was not elected to the Hall of Fame until 1986 as it was founded back in 1902, but to also discover that the accompanying portrait of him has mysteriously disappeared is even worse.

We as the staff and membership of the General William Barksdale Camp completely agree and greatly appreciate this notification and their interest in our namesake, General Barksdale.

The Hall of Fame has a brochure explaining what the Mississippi Hall of Fame is and lists in alphabetical order, all members inducted into it. William Barksdale is listed; however there is an asterisk (*) after his name.  When you look at the bottom of the brochure, the asterisk notates: *Members not represented with portraits.

We are currently inquiring on the location of this portrait to attempt to put it back where it belongs.

If anyone is aware of this portrait’s location, condition or knowledge of what has happened to it; please contact General William Barksdale Camp Staff Officers
Shawn Kyzer: Adjutant ;
Thomas Flynt: Lt Commander;   Jim Strickland, Jr.: Commander.

We will be very grateful.