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I pledge allegiance to the flags of these
united States of America
and to the
Constitutional Republic
for which they stand;
 Sovereign States,
joined together,
 under Almighty God,
life, liberty and justice
for all.


I salute the flag of Mississippi
 and the sovereign state for which it stands,
 with pride in her history and achievements
 and with confidence in her future
 under the guidance of Almighty God

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I salute the Confederate Flag
with affection, reverence, and
 with undying devotion to the cause for which it stands.


The "Pledge"

Georgia1956.gifGeorgia Heritage Council Part One
Georgia1956.gif Georgia Heritage Council Part Two     
Georgia1956.gif Georgia Heritage Council Part Three



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I pledge allegiance to the Constitution
of these united States of America
as intended by the Founding Fathers,
and to the Republic that it created,
a Confederacy of Free and Sovereign States,
defending liberty as bestowed by Our Creator,
pursuing freedom and happiness.


Flag of Alabama, I salute Thee.
To Thee I pledge my allegiance, my service and my life.

The MIDI file of "Battle Cry of Freedom.mid" is used by permission of Benjamin Robert Tubb from his website at Public Domain Music <>.