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General William Barksdale Camp 1220
Sons of Confederate Veterans
Columbus, Mississippi.


William Barksdale
Gen. William Barksdale

Jim Strickland, Jr.: Commander

Thomas Flynt: Lt Commander

Shawn Kyzer: Adjutant

Jerry Franks; Chaplain

Sergeant at Arms: Jonathan Capps

Shawn Kyzer: Editor

Meetings: 4th Tuesday, 6:30PM, Huck's Place, 121 Fifth Street South, Columbus, Mississippi


Put this in your planning now

The 2015 Mississippi Division Reunion

Will be in our founder's hometown

June 5 -7, 2015

Looking for ancestors?

We have posted Confederate soldiers hospitalized in Columbus


Lowndes County Confederate soldiers at Gettysburg.

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Confederate Burial Sites in and around Lowndes County, Mississippi
scvlogo.gif   Friendship Cemetery, Columbus, Confederate Sections

scvlogo.gif   Friendship Cemetery, Columbus, Family Plots

scvlogo.gif   Other Lowndes County Cemeteries

Gone but not forgotten
A listing of soldiers passing at Columbus hospitals
 in the aftermath of the Battle of Shiloh

Lowndes County's Boys at Gettysburg

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